Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Purpose of Touched Creatively

I am so excited to share Touched Creatively with you! Through my self published magazine, website and blog I want to introduce you to several artists who have amazing handmade talents. I hope you will be inspired by their creative journeys and processes. All artists have on-line shops so what better of a place to look for gifts!!! Handmade creations are one of a kind and their individual quality makes them so much better than cheap store bought items.

If you are an artist yourself please submit your work to me and I will be glad to feature you on my blog and possibly in my magazine! All you need is great pictures of your work and a meaning about the item or process that can inspire others. Check out Touched Creatively's website for more information and submission details.

If you wonder why I'm starting Touched Creatively, here's some info. I am an artist, graphic designer, and full time mother. I know how hard an artist has to work to make a living from following their creative dreams. I can say from experience that working a 9 to 5 job is a much easier way to make a living but not nearly as rewarding. I like to stretch my inner potential and I hope to add support and encouragement to other artists following their dreams. Exposure is a key ingredient to making a living through art so that is a big reason why I came up with Touched Creatively. I want viewers to connect with the meanings behind several forms of art, fall in love with these creations, and help support the handmade community.


Michelle Stewart said...

i love love love your website and blog you do such a great job with this kind of stuff...cant wait

Jodi L. Spilde said...

Soooo amazing, Jodi! Super professional-looking! I love all the fonts and layouts! Sa-weet!

Amy said...

Absolutely wonderful! You and your work!