Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time for Change

The time has come where I need to take a step in a new direction. I'm sure many of you can relate... when life seems to just keep getting crazier, busier, good... but then their are many times you feel like everything is spiraling out of control. I have to simplify. Having two separate blogs to keep up is plenty of work on its own. I feel bad that I don't get over to this one more often, so I'm making a few changes. I'm hoping you will follow me on over to my original blog, Enduring Arts. It has changed a lot from what it first was, so I'm hoping you will check it out. It will continue to have some of my family life, my own creations and thoughts, but I will also be posting other talented artists (like I do here), as well as inspiring blogs I come across. I will also have giveaways of some of my shop goods plus notify my followers of sales and other deals. So I'm hoping you will enjoy the variety of posts.

Thank you for your support, comments, and reading Touched Creatively! I hope to see you over at Enduring Arts and offer you much more inspiration!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Digital Room's Rolled Canvas Review

First off, my photos really don't do justice for the canvas print from Digital Room. I was so excited when the package arrived in the mail and when I rolled out the print... the quality was amazing! I couldn't be happier! It took a little while for my husband and I to get it stretched on a frame but now it is done and I want more. Here are a few details...

Digital Room sponsored a giveaway on my blog a while back and they were so kind as to give me a free rolled canvas print too. Both the winner and I were able to have our choice of image printed on a 16"x20" piece of canvas. It was slightly smaller then that size but I'm not complaining because the quality was just that good! I probably should have given more room on the edges of my print file for wrapping around a frame, but I wanted the picture as large as possible. I allowed just roughly over an inch on the sides for wrapping. My husband helped me to make the frame with a half inch depth and then we used the staple gun to stretch it around to the back to make a nice finished look.

Digital Room has several options. If you don't want to go to the work of stretching your own print, they do offer canvas prints all ready to be hung... but that option also comes with a price of course. The rolled canvas however, comes very affordable. I was really surprised with their prices. The below picture shows a close up of the nice texture and clarity of their printing:

Here's Kaelyn showing the size of the canvas in relation to her.

I highly recommend Digital Room for any printing needs you have. The ordering process is simple and they do a wonderful job serving their customers. Please browse through their website to see all the products they offer.

The photo I used to be printed on the canvas was taken by Dolby Photography, located in Sioux Falls SD. They do an amazing job as well. Their service allows you to get a bunch of photos on a cd with rights to print your own any way you wish!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Introducing Lavender Field

First I have to apologize for not posting recently. I have been away dealing with health issues... so I at least have a good reason! But I'm back and ready to share some more amazing talents with all of you. Today I'm sharing the beautiful and unique Lavender Field shop.

{Pearl Drop Pendant Crochet Necklace}

If only money was no option I would have so much fun... in many etsy shops for that matter!!! In this shop I don't think I could even choose just one favorite! Victoria, the talented creator behind Lavender Field gives such a modern twist to the ordinary crochet. Here is what she stated in her profile, "I'm forever a learner, and I have an insatiable urge to create, create, create stuff with my hands. After all that's why God gave us hands.... to put them to good and creative use! My style is very unique as I don't follow any trends, but actually make my own. And even though I find inspiration in colors and other things I consider beautiful, my jewelry is 100% a product of my own imagination."

{Forest Green in the Summer Crochet Necklace}

{Prom Necklace All My Friends Multicolor}

To see lots more, visit Lavender Field. It will be hard picking just one favorite!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing To Scarborough Fair

If you are in need of a smile or good laugh look no further than To Scarborough Fair! The creations that come out of this shop are not something you see everyday. I love the originality and sense of humor! This cat also seems to enjoy its unique fashion line... posing so proudly!

{Patriotic Cat (Pet) Hat}

{French Chic Beret - Cat (Pet) Hat}

{Pet Sombrero}

These hats would work great for little dogs too! Order yours today so you can snap some fun photos of your adored pet and send to family and friends to make them smile! The photo would also make a great keepsake for yourself... couldn't help but lighten your spirit at any time. Be sure to check out To Scarborough Fair for more details!

Friday, June 4, 2010

UPrinting Business Card Review

I know I've already shared that I am happy with my business card order in one of UPrinting's generous giveaway posts, but I wanted to share a photo and go into a little more depth about them and my experience.

Uprinting offers a nice selection of sizes. You can choose from standard, square, slim to even a specialty shape. I chose square business cards since the shape is a little unexpected from the usual standard size. Size measures 2" by 2". Not only do you have size options to pick from, but you are also given paper options... 14pt cardstock gloss, 14pt cardstock matte or 13pt cardstock uncoated. I chose the 14pt cardstock gloss and am very happy with the quality and look overall!

The ordering process was very easy and the customer service is amazing. If there is any problem on their side with colors or design layout, they immediately contact you and offer a solution! I love that they inform you and don't just print without asking if a small change is made. They definitely put their customers first!

A few days ago I received a rolled canvas print from them and was blown away by the quality! The price is affordable as well! I will share more pictures of that as soon as my husband helps me stretch it onto a frame for hanging. Until then, check out all the printing possibilities UPrinting has to offer. I highly recommend their service!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avoni's Boutique Review

Several of you may remember the adorable Avoni's Boutique that was introduced back in February. Generous designer, Tsasa gave away a pecious headband to one of Touched Creatively's lucky readers. Tsasa was so sweet and even sent my daughter a couple bows (shown above) for hosting her giveaway! Awesome! So I wanted to revisit her shop today and share a few of my thoughts on her pieces since I was able to view them first hand.

First of all, the bows arrived safely packaged in a box. They had plenty of space so they wouldn't be crushed. When my little girl saw them she immediately wanted to wear them! Getting her to stay still to take a picture was a whole different story!

I love that the bows come with a headband and they each have a clip making it super simple to quickly swap the bow on the headband. If a little one has lots of hair you wouldn't even need to use the headband... or you also have the option of using the headband alone. I love having choices!

Overall, Tsasa's headbands are fun and adorable as you can see for yourself. She has a wonderful variety to choose from and continues to add new creations to her shop. Tsasa is a wonderful person to work with and always puts her customers first. If you have a custom order in mind, she's more than happy to make it happen. So hurry on over to Avoni's Boutique if you haven't already and have fun spoiling a little girl! (If you have a baby boy check out the pacifier clips!) Enjoy!

Reviews Coming!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long! I've been busy with so many different things, from doctor visits, house renovations, creating, working on my etsy shop to some family time over the holiday weekend. There's not enough time in a day! I'm sure most of you are with me on that one! I promise some reviews will be coming soon for UPrinting and Avoni's Boutique. Working on pictures so stay tuned!