Monday, November 30, 2009

A Touching Letter from Joshua Seidl

{illustration by Kathy Johnson}

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! There is certainly so much to be thankful for! I've been meaning to share this letter that I received some time ago regarding Touched Creatively. You never know the impact you will have on people and the internet allows you to reach people from all over... just amazing! Anyway, here is a small portion of the letter I received in the mail:

From: Joshua Seidl, ssp - Staten Island, NY
An impressed fan of your magazine Touched Creatively

Dear Jodi Ulschmid
I just got off the internet after previewing your excellent magazine and your website. I felt I had to let you know I think it is the most beautiful magazine on the MagCloud site.

I have to say THANK YOU to all the talented contributing artists for making my previous issues possible! Joshua went on to tell me a little about himself. Joshua happens to be a monk who has written two novels, Hawk Dancer and Cloud Burst and has a third being published. He also told me about the talented Kathy Johnson who is the illustrator of his two novels. (One of her illustrations is shown above.)

Joshua's two novels. Covers illustrated by Kathy Johnson.

{Drawing by Joshua Seidl}

To find more information about Joshua's novels and other work, visit his website.

Thank you Joshua!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEW Kid Inspired Issue is Now Available!!!

{front cover of Touched Creatively's newly released issue}

{back cover}

The most adorable issue of Touched Creatively has arrived!!! Just in time for your holiday shopping. Spoil the little ones with treasures from inside these pages or find links for more goodies! This winter issue consists of handmade baby slings, developmental toys, fashion apparel, play pals, party supplies, room decor and more! Enjoy meeting several more artists from across the U.S. who share inspiring stories involving their creative processes and journeys.

The printed version of Touched Creatively usually sells for $6.29 but my printing company just announced they are having a 25% sale starting Thanksgiving day and running through January 1st!!! Don't miss this incredible deal! So if you want to go directly to the printed issue click HERE. If you would rather have the $1.89 download or find out more about Touched Creatively click HERE. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

For Touched Creatively's Blog Readers!

Talented jewelry maker, Maya from Etsy shop mswedowsky has been very generous to offer Touched Creatively's blog readers free domestic (US) shipping with any order from her shop! To take advantage of this offer please mention Touched Creatively when checking out in Etsy and she will waive the shipping costs. Thank you Maya!

MID MOD Holiday {treasury find}

A wonderful treasury with the perfect mix of modern and vintage finds picked by rewindtime.
Details... starting at top left and moving right:
1. Graphic Green Eames Rocker Print by NanLawson
2. Giclee Print (item No. P-2007-22) by JennSki
3. Red Vintage West Bend 9 Cup Electric Percolator by SeeChangeDesign
4. Vintage 1950's Holiday Party Dress by Thrush
5. Wood and Red Enamel Three Part Condiment Tray by SellingVintage
6. Sweet Little Fabric Plant - Green Apple by janejoss
7. Minty Green Retro Diner Boontonware Coffee Cups by VintageEye
8. Harmony Necklace in Brick Red by PsychoticReaction
9. Juicy Red Coral Stud Earrings by cheapdatejewelry
10. 1960s Royal Futura Manual Typewriter with Manual and Case by vintageavacado
11. Vintage GE Plastic Wall Clock--Mid-century Mint by JennyHopscotch
12. Atomic Star Burst Earrings in Apple Green by mswedowsky

Be sure to check out these shops to find many more unique treasures. The vintage finds compliment handmade items nicely! Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing Priscilla Neilson {illustration}

I am excited to introduce you all to a friend of mine who I grew up with in South Dakota. Now living in Seattle, WA, the very talented Priscilla Neilson never ceases to amaze me! Her illustrations and paintings have become down right incredible, allowing your mind to travel into a fantasy realm. Her intricate details and bright refreshing colors are absolutely delightful!

If you are looking for a talented illustrator for a book or some fun specialized cards, I highly recommend Priscilla. Click HERE for her contact information. Priscilla also does amazing paintings and murals that you can see on her website.

I love getting mail from Priscilla around the holidays. (I'm so lucky!!!) I can't wait to open her card and see her newest illustration. They always bring a smile to my face! ...then I sit in amazement with all the imagination that she put into the scene! Wonderful job Priscilla!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing Lisa Weiss {mixed media}

Mixed media artist, Lisa Weiss creates works of art that radiate a dreamy elegance. Lisa says, "The paintings are small devotions created as a glimpse into the illumination of higher consciousness. They are for beauty and contemplation." Several different mediums make up her lovely creations. For more information about Lisa's work and to see more of her designs, visit her Bella Zia etsy shop and her website.

{New Consciousness 2 from Touched Creatively's fall issue}

More paintings from Lisa's New Consciousness Series can be found in Touched Creatively's Modern Elegance Issue. The fall magazine is available HERE. NOTE: The download version is available for a limited time only. The new kid inspired issue will be coming soon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Introducing Roxana Villa {perfume}

{Vespertina Botanical Perfume}

Visual and aromatic artist, Roxana Villa creates the most amazing botanical perfumes! She said, "I create perfumes from pure, vital plant materials, aligning individuals with nature and beauty." Maybe it's just me, but I was pretty clueless on this handmade process until I visited Roxana's blog where she actually provides links to some of her recipes! Thank you Roxana for sharing and inspiring others to create!

To see more beautiful photos of Roxana's work and to purchase your favorite aroma, visit her Etsy shop. You can also find more information on her gorgeous website, Illuminated Perfume. Have a lovely day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing Renée Stevens {graphic design}

{Reindeer Holiday Cards}

Modern and unique invitation and announcement designs made by Renée Stevens can make any special day more memorable. I love Renée's originality and ability to design for many special occasions. She says, "From concept development, to the typographic layout, each design becomes my own piece of art." Read more about how her design business began and her process in Touched Creatively's fall issue.

{Twins Birth Announcement}

For more wedding invitation designs, baby announcements, holiday designs and more, visit Renée's website and her R Studio Etsy shop. Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing Leslie Zabel {jewelry}

{Palau Lagoon Lampwork Bracelet}
Just like the water in the lagoon, this bracelet holds enchantment and mysticism. A large focal bead with a "wave" in the center first catches your eye which is surrounded by lots of twists and turns in the oxidized copper. The surrounding lampwork beads are a deep navy blue with air bubbles purposefully put into the design, a soft sparkly green, and a mixture of a blue/green swirl to match the large focal bead. The oxidized copper brings balance to this piece by adding a warmth to the cool colors.
{Solemn Mt. Emei Necklace}
A soft and delicate piece created with glowing hues of opaque peach, silver gray, and a shimmering white moonstone. This beautiful trio is complimented by the shine of a sterling silver lotus flower charm and sterling silver S clasp. Peaceful beauty! Mt. Emei or Éméi Shan is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China.

{Lightening on Lago Maggiore Labradorite Earrings}
This pair is made of labradorite briolettes with a brilliant blue flash and tiny sterling silver balls all wrapped in sterling wire with french hooks. Add a touch of shine to just about any outfit.

The exquisite pieces above are created by jewelist, Leslie Zabel. Leslie is full of inspiration on following your heart! Here is what she had to say, "I am a chemist who had a change of heart. After dealing with working in a lab for a few years, I decided it wasn't for me. I was missing something. Happiness. I needed a change. I wanted something I felt good in doing and hopefully made others happy as well. I've had a love of beading and making jewelry for quite some time and realized this was the direction I wanted to take. So, here I am doing what I love. Creating pieces of art for others to enjoy."Congrats on following your dream Leslie!

Leslie offers a spotlight item each week on her website for 10% off. You can also browse through her Bei Mondi Etsy shop to see more of her creations or read more about her and her work by visiting her blog. Enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing Lee Wolfe {pottery}

Beautiful pottery expressing the natural beauty found in nature is created by Lee Wolfe. Lee says, "Dragonflies are symbols of joy and transformation, making Guardian lantern (shown above) perfect for drawing joy into the changing seasons, perhaps helping us to meditate on letting go of anything blocking joy and abundance from our heart and life." More of her dragonfly creations can be seen in Touched Creatively's fall issue HERE. Below a beautiful blend of colors make up an organic flower shaped bowl perfect for kitchen use. Click on the images for more details!

{Flower Serving Bowl}

Visit One Clay Bead for more original and functional stoneware pieces! Also don't forget to check out her talented teen daughter's pottery shop who I previously posted about here! A talented team for sure! Happy Monday!