Thursday, September 24, 2009

Treasury Find by Southstreet

Here is a collection of elegant pieces chosen by the Southstreet shop on Etsy. Southstreet has a contemporary line of cotton strip creations. I'm sure most of you have found your way to Etsy's Treasury before and may have even made your own. Its a fun way to see members favorites and find some fun and unique items you may not have run into otherwise. Treasuries are only viewable for a limited time and sometimes don't get all the views and credit they deserve. Here are the links to the lovely items above:
1. Exceptional Woven Bead Necklace by Veroque
2. A New Beginning Photograph by yvetteinufio
3. Avanti by brownbunnybyiris
4. Spider Seeds by wannabes
5. Obsessions Hand Painted Shoes by cocopunkz
6. Pure Silver Bracelet by zirconjoyas
7. Two for Tea by danugs
8. Gold Love Rose Garden Tiara by ayawedding
9. Faceted Citrine Gold Hammered Earrings by steinschmuckdesigns
10. Cooling Fire Art Photograph by vaeda
11. Turquoise-Pearl bracelet by toosis
12. Autumn Chartreuse Seaflower Pendant by kathiroussel


ayatasarim said...

wow this is amazing news:) thank you so much for sharing this stunning treasury in your blog:)
we are all honoured for it
ayawedding and ayatasarim

pinar said...

Dear Jodi, This is great. Thank you for this lovely surprise,
Best Wishes,

Michele said...

Absolutely stunning,
thank you so much, Jodi for
the feature,

kathiroussel said...

many thanks for featuring southstreet's beautiful treasury-- i'm happy to have been a part of it and to be able see it once again on your blog.


ZIRCON said...

Thanks Jodi!!!
Thanks so much for the possibilities to show my handmade creations. Love

l'actrice said...

Congratulations! You picked one of the nicest treasuries! Southstreet's tr are always a treasure!
Thanks, Brownbunnybyiris