Thursday, October 1, 2009

Clothing by Mnemosyne Designs

{Photo by John Cowie Photography}

If you haven't seen the clothing by Mnemosyne Designs in Touched Creatively's fall issue, you've been missing out! The talented clothing designers Amy Mathews and Heather Russell tell their story of coming together and how Mnemosyne Designs began. The beautiful and unique model, Adriane Ehmann displays the clothes perfectly in this modern elegance issue. The best part of ordering clothing from Amy and Heather is they are more than happy to work with you on getting the perfect fit for your body so you will look amazing!

Here are a just a couple more of my favorites from Mnemosyne Designs...
Beautiful and creative, right?! To see more clothing by these talented ladies please visit their Mnemosyne Designs shop and read more about them in Touched Creatively's fall issue HERE. A download is available for $1.89 and the printed issue is available for $6.29 plus shipping. Enjoy!

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