Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing Priscilla Neilson {illustration}

I am excited to introduce you all to a friend of mine who I grew up with in South Dakota. Now living in Seattle, WA, the very talented Priscilla Neilson never ceases to amaze me! Her illustrations and paintings have become down right incredible, allowing your mind to travel into a fantasy realm. Her intricate details and bright refreshing colors are absolutely delightful!

If you are looking for a talented illustrator for a book or some fun specialized cards, I highly recommend Priscilla. Click HERE for her contact information. Priscilla also does amazing paintings and murals that you can see on her website.

I love getting mail from Priscilla around the holidays. (I'm so lucky!!!) I can't wait to open her card and see her newest illustration. They always bring a smile to my face! ...then I sit in amazement with all the imagination that she put into the scene! Wonderful job Priscilla!

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Jodi L. Spilde said...

Great stuff, Priscilla! WOW!!! Speechless!