Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Couple Lovely Shops

I thought it was time to get away from gift ideas for the little ones for a bit and share a couple new designers with you who both have such beautiful creations. It's time to spoil your self ladies!

The designer behind Moon Over Maize says, "Natural beauty means a lot to me which is why I tend to only use stones that have not been dyed or heat treated. I like to work with what Mother Earth has so beautifully created. My creations come about from a number of different paths... some are inspired by the incredible mountains just outside my back door while others are created due to my passion for pregnancy, childbirth and children." To see more of her beautiful treasures be sure to visit her shop.

{a peaceful afternoon dress}

A collection focusing on femininity and pure beauty is created by designer, Sarah Seven. Don't you think the flowing fabric is captivating and magical?! I love it! To see more lovely photographs of her work visit her website and etsy shop. And just a note to the brides to be, consider having her make your wedding dress! It would be amazing, elegant and unforgettable! (Good thing I got married before I knew about etsy or I'd probably be broke!)

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