Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing Nina Islas {crocheting}

If you were wondering whose adorable work was featured on the cover of Touched Creatively's Kid Inspired Issue... well it is the talented Nina Islas from California. (Photo was taken by Fowler Creations Photography) Nina's creations add such an adorable sweetness to photos making a special keepsake for the parent and child. Your sure to receive lots of comments (...or additional comments) when your out and about with your little one and they're wearing one of Nina's crocheted hats!

{Newborn Elf Hat - My Planet Earth}

{Pea Pod Cocoon - Chocolate Brown}

Her cocoons look so cuddly! Dragonfly Creations is a must check out shop for photographers, those with babies, or for those that love spoiling someone else's baby! You'll love seeing all the adorable photographs too... some amazingly talented photographers!

You can read more of Nina's inspiring story of turning her passion into a business in Touched Creatively's Issue Three. All issues are on a Spring SALE so if your interested in purchasing a copy, they are 25% of now through March 21st so click HERE to preview and order.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Michelle | UPrinting said...

Awww... I bet they are all so warm and cozy inside. I love it, they are al so cute. I like the first one most especially, I have seen that before.