Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Tom Bjorn Designs

Beautiful and versatile jewelry is found in Tom Bjorn Designs shop. The talented designer stated, "I was born in Russia, Moscow, where I lived for 14 happy years feeling crafty. Next 12 happy years I spent in Israel, where my craftiness though still on the surface was on a standby mode. And here I am in Stockholm - the most beautiful city in the world. It inspires me, gives me feedback and a lot of motivation to crochet, knit, and make other people even happier!" I love the fact that you can use your imagination and figure out new ways of wearing these lovely crocheted necklaces every time you wear them. Not only is the designer creative but the person wearing the lovely finds is encouraged to be creative as well.

Allow your mind to wander when traveling through Tom Bjorn Designs! Enjoy!

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steinschmuckdesign said...

They are absolutely wonderful,
love the designs!!!