Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing Sam Hirst {fabric designs and block printing}

Talented block print artist Sam Hirst finds inspiration in her own backyard, in the everyday things she uses, and in her children's artwork and imaginations. Here is what she has to say about her creations: "Even though I am a print artist, I am drawn to simple beauty. When I found this heavy linen with great texture, I knew it was time to make a new bag, something simple, easy to carry, store, and use. It is sturdy enough to take to the library, yet soft enough to fill with everything you need to take to the beach. And just to add a bit of happiness to your day, it is lined with a lovely spring green. Everything in my simplicity line is finished with grommets because I love to see the strength of the grommets next to the softness of the fabrics."
"I've always loved the idea of keeping a growth chart on a doorway, but I don't like the idea of leaving it behind when/if we ever move, so I decided to create a modern growth chart that can move with us. This natural canvas growth chart is block printed by hand with antique wood block numbers. I also block printed the inch markings every two inches to help you keep track of just how fast your kids are growing. The prints have been cured to set the ink, so this chart is washable! The chart measures about 9.5" X 58" and is packaged in a keepsake metal box. It is finished with two grommets for hanging. I've also included a fabric pen, twill tape which can be used to hang the chart, and two dowels which slip inside the top and bottom to help the chart hang flat and straight.This beautifully simple chart will be a keepsake that you and your kids are sure to love."
To find out more about Sam and to see her line of home decor and accessories please visit her website and blog. To view more photos of her simplicity tote and 1-2-3 grow with me growth chart from above, visit Sam's Etsy shop. Enjoy!

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