Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing Natacha Lee {sewing}

New Zealand artist, Natacha Lee draws her inspiration for her handmade baby and toddler clothing from her surroundings, fashion and art. "I love bird watching, which inspired me to sew various birds in an "ombre chinoise" style. I sew free handed, so each and every piece won't be the same. I have a love of detail and simple things." Her love for nature has caused her to re-use and compost as much as possible for her business. "I endeavor to mainly use pre-loved clothing and fabric remnants, I buy thread from an company that has been certified for its outstanding environmental management and so far all the packaging has been made from re-used packaging's and plastic wrappings (without compromising the safety of what's inside)."

The A line dress pictured above has an outer layer of merino wool (fabric remnant), lined with cotton (from a bed sheet). It is a perfect dress for cooler days and looks great over a long sleeve tee or just on its own. The pair of pants designed below are especially for the practice of Natural Infant Hygiene, and can also be used when potty training. The ones pictured were custom made following the instruction "make them whacky". Natacha has nicknamed them the "custo" style pants (from the Spanish brand of the same name). More of this style may be coming soon in her Etsy shop, as well as EC FlipFlap pants. Keep visiting her shop, pioupioukids to see her new items.

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