Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing Tara Anne Harrup {baby slings}

{Frida Baby Sling}

Looking for a fashionable baby sling that is reversible, features a binky pocket, and is comfortable? Check out the stylish slings offered at Polkadot Papoose. This is what Tara Anne Harrup said about her handmade creations, "Every moment of contact with one’s child is precious—that’s why I believe ‘liberated’ mothering shouldn’t be at the expense of the closeness a child needs. My slings allow a mom to be hands-free industrious and snuggly at the same time.”

{Sky Baby Sling}

To see more of Tara Anne's delightful patterned slings, visit her lovely website. And just a note, some of her reversible slings are on SALE! Happy Monday!

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