Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avoni's Boutique Review

Several of you may remember the adorable Avoni's Boutique that was introduced back in February. Generous designer, Tsasa gave away a pecious headband to one of Touched Creatively's lucky readers. Tsasa was so sweet and even sent my daughter a couple bows (shown above) for hosting her giveaway! Awesome! So I wanted to revisit her shop today and share a few of my thoughts on her pieces since I was able to view them first hand.

First of all, the bows arrived safely packaged in a box. They had plenty of space so they wouldn't be crushed. When my little girl saw them she immediately wanted to wear them! Getting her to stay still to take a picture was a whole different story!

I love that the bows come with a headband and they each have a clip making it super simple to quickly swap the bow on the headband. If a little one has lots of hair you wouldn't even need to use the headband... or you also have the option of using the headband alone. I love having choices!

Overall, Tsasa's headbands are fun and adorable as you can see for yourself. She has a wonderful variety to choose from and continues to add new creations to her shop. Tsasa is a wonderful person to work with and always puts her customers first. If you have a custom order in mind, she's more than happy to make it happen. So hurry on over to Avoni's Boutique if you haven't already and have fun spoiling a little girl! (If you have a baby boy check out the pacifier clips!) Enjoy!

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