Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Digital Room's Rolled Canvas Review

First off, my photos really don't do justice for the canvas print from Digital Room. I was so excited when the package arrived in the mail and when I rolled out the print... the quality was amazing! I couldn't be happier! It took a little while for my husband and I to get it stretched on a frame but now it is done and I want more. Here are a few details...

Digital Room sponsored a giveaway on my blog a while back and they were so kind as to give me a free rolled canvas print too. Both the winner and I were able to have our choice of image printed on a 16"x20" piece of canvas. It was slightly smaller then that size but I'm not complaining because the quality was just that good! I probably should have given more room on the edges of my print file for wrapping around a frame, but I wanted the picture as large as possible. I allowed just roughly over an inch on the sides for wrapping. My husband helped me to make the frame with a half inch depth and then we used the staple gun to stretch it around to the back to make a nice finished look.

Digital Room has several options. If you don't want to go to the work of stretching your own print, they do offer canvas prints all ready to be hung... but that option also comes with a price of course. The rolled canvas however, comes very affordable. I was really surprised with their prices. The below picture shows a close up of the nice texture and clarity of their printing:

Here's Kaelyn showing the size of the canvas in relation to her.

I highly recommend Digital Room for any printing needs you have. The ordering process is simple and they do a wonderful job serving their customers. Please browse through their website to see all the products they offer.

The photo I used to be printed on the canvas was taken by Dolby Photography, located in Sioux Falls SD. They do an amazing job as well. Their service allows you to get a bunch of photos on a cd with rights to print your own any way you wish!


David J. said...

Actually, since I used Ash for the frame, I was able to make it a scant 3/8" thick. I agree that U Printing does a great job. Highly recommended. And my wife did a great job editing the photo from Dolby Photography to look great in this size.

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Digital Room is actually a subsidiary of UPrinting. I had previously stated the giveaway was from UPrinting with their links but it should have just said Digital Room. Sorry about any misunderstanding, it should be correct now.

Margie Lou said...

How did you stretch the photo on a frame? I'm minutes away from ordering a huge print from UPrinting and I was so excited to see your review! :D

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Hi Margie! My husband helped. One of us pulled the canvas tight around a flat wood frame while the other used a staple gun about every couple inches. I folded it like a Christmas present. I would suggest putting a flat piece of matte board under the canvas so the front will be nice and smooth. Good Luck! It will look amazing when it's finished and its sure a lot cheaper! :)

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