Thursday, December 3, 2009

Introducing Connie Jensen {fashion apparel}

{Reindeer Onesie Baby Gift Set}

{Baby Leather Santa Moks}

2009 has flown by and the Christmas holidays are quickly approaching. If you are still searching for the perfect gift for a little one, be sure to check out Connie Jensen's Scandeez shop! Find adorable apparel for babies and young children to wear specifically during the holiday season or find something that can be worn any time of year. Her moks consist of a bottom design since a baby isn't up and running around yet and that is the side most viewed... CLEVER!

{Girls Sweet Top}

To see more adorable, one of a kind fashion apparel for babies and children made by Connie Jensen see Touched Creatively's kid inspired issue! She tells us about what has inspired her style and how her modern twist to children's clothing came about. Enjoy!

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